Just in case you’re wondering, here’s the author in bullets:

  1. Herielle Echaluse Evangelista. I believe that’s the first one you need/want to know about me.
  2. Second, my cleft chin is inborn.
  3. I am a Thomasian alumna.
  4. Chocolate makes me happy. Cheese makes everything taste better.
  5. I read books. I don’t like Harry Potter, Twilight, The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire.
  6. Planning of creating a video blog but my thoughts of not being telegenic and spontaneous killed my optimism.
  7. I have three and a half ex-boyfriends.
  8. I believe in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.
  9. Watching local TV channels bores me.
  10. I can spend three hours in a bookstore staring at books, browsing for cool stuff and never buying them.
  11. If not a nurse, I am a computer programmer or a photographer or a graphic artist.
  12. I used to dance. Yes, “used to”.
  13. Back in college, I didn’t care whether I get high grades or not so long as I don’t get 3.00 as my final grade. I focused more on extra-curricular activities. I am a member/officer of various college-based and university-wide organizations.
  14. Nationality: Filipino
  15. Smart guys turn me on.
  16. I can bend my thumb backwards without hurting myself.
  17. The rain relaxes me. I like it better than the sun.
  18. I can type fast but I don’t use the “proper” way of typing — that is putting fingers on the home keys while resting and hitting the other keys with the right finger while typing.
  19. I had braces when I was 11 years old.
  20. As you can see, pink is my favorite color.
  21. I am a fan of monochrome photos.
  22. I learned using Adobe Photoshop when I was 15 years old. I learned it through experiment — clicking, dragging, exploring.
  23. While some think that I’m a polymath (exaggerated), I’m just a jack of all trades, master of none.
  24. It’s always tea over coffee.
  25. Wanderlust
  26. Top: 0, Bottom: 1, Feet: 7. Those are my sizes.
  27. I like cats because they’re cute and lazy. I don’t like dogs because… I don’t know. I just don’t like dogs.
  28. I look like my dad.
  29. I am an active Internet user. I have a blog on Tumblr and Blogger and I have Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts.
  30. I sometimes talk to myself while imagining weird scenarios when I’m alone.
  31. Harvey Specter over Michael Ross. Nathan Royal Scott over Lucas Eugene Scott. Brooke Penelope Davis over Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer.
  32. I drink alcohol occasionally.
  33. Soda, mayonnaise, canned meat, processed meat, junk food, egg yolk — I hate them.
  34. I have the attention span of a two-year old.
  35. Introvert
  36. I think I will never get married because…
  37. I don’t believe I’m attractive and lovable. I tend to think lowly of myself most of the time.
  38. Ironically, people see me as someone who has a healthy amount of self-esteem.
  39. Not a fan of KPop or JPop.
  40. I like simulation games.
  41. I am not a fan of the cultural script “I’m fine” when asked how am I doing. I answer the question as accurate and as elaborate as possible.
  42. My specs are for my astigmatism; not for nearsightedness.
  43. I am sentimental — the reason why my bedroom is full of trash.
  44. Shopaholic. It’s a challenge for me to save money!
  45. I am a frustrated musician though I can read notes from a score sheet. I can’t play while counting silently. I guess I need a metronome.
  46. I speak Filipino and English.
  47. I suck at sports. I tried basketball, volleyball, badminton, korfball; I failed. But that’s okay ‘cos I really don’t have a good cardiovascular endurance.
  48. I had my first suitor when I was in fourth grade.
  49. I can live without a cellular phone.
  50. I came from a family whose members have loud voices and whose members talk fast.
  51. I love soaking myself in cold freshwater. No, not saltwater.
  52. I want to try cheer dancing.
  53. I know how to do crochet but I’m too lazy to finish a project.
  54. I am not expressive of love for my family.
  55. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson fan. Yeah, Katy Perry. I actually cried the first time I saw Katy Perry in person. That is how much I love her.
  56. I don’t like painting my toenails.
  57. I have 11 Barbie dolls and I have no plans of donating them or handing them down to younger cousins.
  58. I love eating!
  59. Starbucks Coffee’s Green Tea Latte, Green Tea Frappe and Hojicha Tea Latte
  60. I don’t like using my umbrella when it’s raining ‘cos I don’t want carrying around a wet umbrella. I share umbrella with my friend instead. My umbrella is to protect me from the heat; not from the raindrops.
  61. I do not comb my hair everyday. My hair is shiny, long and straight without volume. It falls down neatly as it dries so I don’t need to comb it. Sounds cool, huh? Yeah. Low maintenance. Down side: my hair is so boring.
  62. I’m a nerd — awesome and cool nerd.
  63. Despite having a blog, I still claim that I don’t know how to write. I’m just not that confident to declare, “I’m a writer.”
  64. Science Fiction and Action movies are on the top of my Movies-To-Watch list.
  65. I design bracelets! Tee hee. I am actually an online shop owner.
  66. I hate how people let money corrupt them.
  67. I am tired of eating pasta and ripe mangoes.
  68. My iris color is dark brown. Hair color is dark brown too.
  69. This page tells you 0.1% of who I really am.

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