An Open Letter to Mr. (Pseudo)Gentleman

27 December 2014

Dear OOMF, 

I don’t know what happened to you (or did it happen? Did something really change or was she just another victim of your acts?), but damn you are such a liar and a cheater and everything else in between. Your mind is so unstable, and at your age that is such a turn off. You don’t know what you want, and you cannot even stand by the things you said — the things you promised.

You are such a liar.

You told her you’re one-of-a-kind, and you’re not a boy who doesn’t know how to man up. You told her your standards of what is right and what is wrong, your principles and your values, and you told her you’ll stick by those no matter what. You made her feel you’re a man of your words. You acted like the most gentle and most genuine. You showed her the love and the care she’s yearning for. 

But you were such a show-off. Everything was just an act — an act to win whatever it is you want from her and to feed your Satanic ego. You took her by her weakness.

You are such a cheater.

You are not in a relationship with anyone, but you’re crossing two rivers at once by acting as a boyfriend for both. Yeah, labels suck. Just because you guys don’t label yourselves as “being in a relationship” doesn’t mean you can play with their feelings. You tell her you love her at the same time sending kisses to the other. You are not even good-looking and/or appealing to have that kind of attitude. What the hell is wrong with you. Did something happen in the past that you’re trying to collect hearts? Maybe you’ve got that stupid middle child syndrome. Weren’t you given enough attention and love that you’re craving for more than what you deserve right now? Yes, more than what you deserve because by your acts, I don’t think you deserve love and care from a significant other (SO) — or in your case, significant others. Oh. I remember. You once confessed you’ve got an incredibly low self-esteem. Maybe you’re using your SOs to boost that crappy self-esteem of yours. What kind of person are you? You wanna feel good about yourself by hurting others? Come on. Pathetic.

Go ahead and deny. You’re not the man everyone else is thinking. Lucky you; only a few people know about your shit. But hey, I exist so I don’t think that after this post, the head count of people who know about your shitty whereabouts will remain the same. You’re not the person whom she thought you to be, whom she’s proud of. It’s actually kind of a shame for her to be proud of you. You’re nothing but a grain in the sand. You’re still the good old loser you originally were.


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