“We are a generation of idiots: smartphones and dumb people. Look up from your phone, shut down those displays. Stop watching this video; live life the real way.” — Gary Turk

I have a few friends whom I’m always with, but I never really had the chance to know them deeper and to establish a better, stronger connection with them; they’re always on their phones, checking for notifications, posting photos and answering “What’s on your mind?” and ” What’s happening?” I really want to snatch their phones and tell them, “Hey, can we at least talk and be really with each other and not just with each other because we’re in the same space?” Sigh.

This is the main reason why I seldom use my phone when I’m bonding with friends, when I’m eating dinner with my family and when I’m exploring a new community. I’m guilty; I’m sometimes a part of the smartphones-dumb-people population but I try as much as possible to forget about social media when I’m spending time with real people. I want to remember the experience and not just capture the moment. I want to let the people I’m with know and feel that I want to be with them and not just so I can have something to post online. I’m a people person — I deeply value relationships.

Now who’s up for a catch up date with me?



Look Up

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