An Open Letter to the Person Who “Never Ceased to Love Me”

Hi. I know you are a fan of always going zigzag before hitting the target, but I’m sorry; I won’t do this your way.

I never expected that this would happen again — you sending me a message, telling me you never had ill intentions, and actually trying to make me believe how much you still love me. I felt your frustration whenever you read my cold, heartless replies. (If it bothers you… I am not happy that you are frustrated; I don’t feel anything actually.) It seemed to me that you’re expecting me to take a bite of your sandwich. Really. After all you did, you expect me to believe you? Oh. Wait. You didn’t know what you did? Come on. You ditched me, remember? Yes. You. Not me. You. Ditched. Me.

I do not know why you’re suddenly trying to insert yourself again in my life but one thing’s for sure: we can never go back to the way we used to be. Don’t worry, my dear; I have already forgiven you, myself, us. It’s just that you and me are parallel lines now — we can go on and on and on trying to establish a relationship but we can never arrive or meet at the same point. We are over. What’s done is done. Let go. I am happy where I am now and I hope that you are too.

Without wax,

The woman who used to care for your happiness more than hers


Stop being an asshole; start being a man, being a better version of yourself.


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