Nobody: Less is More

What would you suggest to attain contentment?

This was taken from a stack of ice breaker question cards. Reading this, I found myself answering the question by asking myself more questions — At this point in my life, what makes me feel contented? Am I already contented? Do I know exactly what will make me feel contented? Is contentment a temporary feeling or is it something eternal?

As this is an ice breaker question, I needed to give out an answer right away. I’m not good in answering impromptu questions like this, (Aside from my height, this is one of the reasons why I cannot join a pageant. Haha!) so I’ll redeem myself here.

Aside from the pile of questions, the next and only thing that popped in my mind is the line from Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s book, Nobody: “But maybe, to be more, you have to give up trying to be anything at all.” Less is more. We all want to have more than what we have and to be more than who we are right now. We always think that having and being more — shopping, being promoted at work, closing big deals, being elected as the club’s president, winning the best (insert title here) award, et cetera — will make us feel contented. I beg to disagree. I think that, maybe, one should let go of his earthly, needless desires. We need to learn to define our needs — our true needs. We must learn to draw a thick line between needs and true needs and a thicker line between needs and wants. By doing so, we can see and focus on what really will make us feel the perpetual contentment and ingenuous happiness we’ve always yearned for.


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