31 Things To Do Before I Reach The Adult Diaper Stage

Few days ago, my friend, J, told me she’s trying to learn Portuguese. I laughed and asked why. She said to learn a foreign language is a part of her bucket list. (Haven’t seen her list but based on her personality, I believe her list is full of cool stuff) I wondered… how come I reached twenty-one without ever having my own bucket list? Bet almost everyone my age has their own. So, well, you guessed it. I’ll be blogging about my bucket list! Or more of things-to-do-before-I hit-the-adult-diaper-period list.

  1. Ride or at least see the interior of an armored vehicle. Is it cool with high-tech features? Is it too cold inside? Is it really bullet-proof? Is it hard to drive? Please don’t tell me to Google photos of it. I want to see it first time in person.
  2. Be a gasoline girl for a day. I don’t know why.
  3. Make a cotton candy. ‘Cos they’re cute and fluffy and sweet and fancy. Maybe I should ask one of those cotton candy vendors around my alma mater to let me try their cotton candy maker.
  4. Travel abroad. Of course.
  5. Have my own oven and learn how to bake. Because baking is precise and is more difficult than cooking.
  6. Flaunt a beach body. No. Not actually. Just have a beach body. My tummy is a big stubborn fat.
  7. Learn some bad ass contouring and highlighting! It’s like magic. Like a temporary plastic surgery. (Not that I’m a fan of cosmetic surgery.)
  8. Have a mini library. Breathing books.
  9. Drive a really long and big truck. It’s amazing how truck drivers drive in reverse and drive on narrow roads perfectly.
  10. Watch Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (again) live. I’m a loyal KatyCat.
  11. See a bus/truck-turned home in person and take a “ride” in it; or better yet, live in it.
  12. See the Eiffel Tower in person. Who doesn’t want this?
  13. Travel alone. I just think that travelling alone will benefit one so much — yknow, a lot of me time, having your self all by yourself. (What. Did I even make sense.)
  14. Visit as many science museums as I can (local and international) because science is so awesome.
  15. Send and receive postcards to and from other countries. It’s old school and it’s fun.
  16. Own not a house but a home.
  17. Ride a hot air balloon. One of my childhood fantasies.
  18. See this in person ‘cos it looks so damn cool in photos.
  19. Take a photo with one of United Kingdom’s red telephone boxes.
  20. Ride an elephant.
  21. Join a triathlon. Or just running and cycling ‘cos I am no expert swimmer. I just want to give my lungs and heart a chance to prove that they don’t suck.
  22. Visit Japan and Korea. I want to understand why Filipinos love Japanese and Korean culture so much.
  23. Go on a cruise. European, Asian, Mediterranean, wherever. I just want to be on a cruise. I checked Princess Cruises and oh. Their site told me an Asian cruise will cost me at least half a million.
  24. Adopt a kitten. I’m happy with my fish but they’re not as interactive as cats so…
  25. Visit Bali and find out the reason why Tyra Banks loves Bali so much.
  26. Learn or at least try surfing.
  27. Get lost in the city. Yknow, driving somewhere unfamiliar, wasting gas, creating my own adventure.
  28. Go to the mall and shop ’till I drop using my hard-earned, one-month salary.
  29. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin. Because every girl should have one.
  30. Learn Spanish and use it.
  31. Ride trains of different countries. Riding the train makes me happy. I wonder if there are still trains that have upholstered seats — the ones I see in the movies.

Well I guess these are all for now. I really hope I can do these all before aging hits me.


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