14 Things I’m Thankful For

I ended last year with a to-do list and I am very happy to let you know I’ve ticked all the check boxes on that to-do list! Yay for me!

I want to end this year not with another to-do list (because I want pretty much the same things) but with a list of little things I’m thankful for. 2013 hasn’t been really great; I just want to end it on a positive note.

  1. Mom. Despite every thing that’s happening to her, she never failed to be a mom to me and to my brother. She really is one of the strongest persons I have ever known.
  2. Medium complexion. I don’t get why people laugh at me because of my skin color. Yes, at my age, people around me still tease me — people older than me, actually. I am happy with my complexion and I’m proud of it. I’m not doing anything to lighten it. I’m not a fan of today’s society’s standards of beauty.
  3. Friends. Because they’re there when I don’t need them, when all I want is just to sit down and to have parallel play. I believe that’s a wonderful thing. Being with your friend while reading a book or playing a single-player game on your iPad is so much different compared to doing it beside a stranger.
  4. Location of our house. Our house is located in the not-so-metro part of Metro Manila. We’re actually closer to Bulacan than to Manila. It gives me so much hassle going to and from places in Manila but I’m still thankful because we’re not on the fault line and we didn’t experience the floods caused by the major typhoons that hit the Philippines these past few years.
  5. Spiritual Inspiration on Tumblr. That blog just gives me so much hope and well, of course, inspiration.
  6. Dad. I think it’s really not easy to be the one whom people depend on. He’s amazing. He’s a hero. Plus he gave me my asset — my cleft chin. *wink*
  7. Books. Why did I ever deny myself of books when I was younger? Books are like really magical. They take you to places you’ve never been or probably, wonderful places you’ll never see.
  8. That nice jeepney driver. Here’s the story: I rode the jeep with my friend. We took the front seats. While we we’re enjoying the breeze on our faces, a woman suddenly crossed the street. Earphones in her ears while looking at her phone’s screen so she didn’t notice the jeep approaching. The nice jeepney driver hit the brakes while holding my left arm, acting like a seat belt. Impact was hard that my face could have hit the windshield. End of story. Thanks to Mister Driver for saving the windshield from my sweaty face. Or I guess for saving my face from the hard glass.
  9. Big nails. I just feel like I’m getting more than what I paid for whenever I go to the salon and have my nails done — bigger nails = using more nail polish, paying the same amount. I know this is funny and shallow. Haha.
  10. Benhur Luy. Or to whoever is responsible for bringing Janet Lim-Napoles’s secrets out of the closet.
  11. Drive to a healthy diet. This drive is not really easy to maintain especially when pizza, bacon, ice cream and chocolate start to use their powers to seduce you. My friends tell me it’s amazing that I can eat every thing in moderation. Would you believe that my total junk food intake for this year can only fill a small bag of Lay’s and my total soda intake is approximately just one liter?
  12. Brother. He’s too good in cracking me up. I always look forward to weekends; I can only see my brother during weekends because he lives in an apartment near school and only goes home during weekends. I hate it when he spends weekends doing school requirements. I know I’m clingy but I really just want to spend more time with him. He’s really fun and cool and smart. (How many times did I say “weekends”?)
  13. People who walked out of my life. I appreciate them volunteering to leave. Saved me from the effort of discovering how much I do not need them.
  14. Fats. They keep me warm.

Well, I guess that’s it. Can’t think! New year vibe excites me so much. Wishing you guys a more fruitful 2014!


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