Food Review: Family Mart’s Twirl-All-You-Can Ice Cream

As promised, a different flavor. *wink*

Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain. It first opened in Japan on September 1981. It has branches all over Japan and in different countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and even US. (Source here) April this year, Family Mart Co., together with Ayala Land Inc., decided to open branches here in the Philippines. If not mistaken, the first Family Mart branch here is in Glorietta.

Last Friday, Marco and I paid Family Mart MRT Ayala Station branch a visit. I told him Family Mart has Twirl-All-You-Can Ice Cream for 15 Php. We didn’t have dessert after dinner so we tried it.

Two thumbs up for the twirl-all-you-can thing because (1) it’s cheap and (2) you get to enjoy dispensing ice cream into the cone. Family Mart granted one of my childhood dreams. Mehehe.

Marco and his ice cream

Not bad for a first-timer, Marco!

I didn't expect mine will look better than Marco. Haha! :P

Looks like I’ve got myself a new career — ice cream girl. Haha!

Twirling is cool! Since it’s self-service, you can fill up the whole Belgian waffle cone without leaving spaces for air then twirl and twirl ’till forever. Plus I felt like a five-year-old girl playing with ice cream. Tee hee.


My cone was so heavy! I felt like I gained weight immediately after finishing my treat! Haha!

The ice cream is obviously vanilla. It’s creamy and has a fruity vanilla taste. It’s sweeter compared to other vanilla ice creams that I have tried. The Belgian waffle cone on the other hand is big, crunchy and has a light sweet taste. Don’t forget to buy a bottle of water if you plan to fill the cone like I did! Spare yourself from sore throat.

Overall, the ice cream experience is fun. I just hope that they add ice cream flavors so it won’t be boring. They can also offer add-ons such as marshmallows, candy-coated chocolate buttons and strawberry syrup at a fair price.

As an ice cream lover and a child at heart, I will definitely go back for another round of twirling. 😉


3 thoughts on “Food Review: Family Mart’s Twirl-All-You-Can Ice Cream

  1. Herielle,

    Have you tried Family Mart’s green-tea ice cream? If I was blindfold and took a lick of it, I would never guess it’s green-tea flavored! It tastes like nothing/cream.

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