I’m a Tiger! Leopard, actually.

Last Sunday, I went out with my best friend, Che. She convinced me to meet her even if it’s a Sunday because (1) it’s my birthday week, and (2) it has been two long months since we last saw each other. We spent the afternoon munching on doughnuts and popcorn, watching Insidious 2 and exchanging stories over milk tea. We had a great time. I missed her so much! Super bitin! When we got home, we both sent each other a message saying we miss each other already. Hash tag clingy. Hash tag overly-attached. Haha!

Okay so let’s proceed with my intention: posting a fashion entry. Haha! Let me share the story behind my outfit. Here we go:

Before she left the house, she sent me a message saying, “I’ll be wearing a dress.” — meaning, I should wear something pleasing too! I opened my closet and browsed my dresses. Unfortunately, my dresses will make me look a little overdressed (Ilang beses kong sinabi yung “dress”? Haha!) for the event. The dresses are either too formal or showing too much skin or just inappropriate for an afternoon hangout at the mall. So… think think think. Browse browse browse. After a few flipping of clothes, I saw my leopard print leggings glowing! Yay! Mehehe. So I dressed up, put make up and took photos really fast ‘cos I’m running late! She said she’s on her way and I don’t want her to wait long.

Here’s how the rush photos turned out. Look how crappy they are! Huhu.


Forever 21 Leopard Print Gold Earrings | Arizona Leopard Print Leggings | Madden Girl by Steve Madden Metallic Tri-Color Flats


Bench TM Loose Polo | Owl Necklace from a cruise shop


H Shop Bracelets (right) | Guess Watch (left) | Ring same as here | Nine West Bag

There! I told you! Rush photos! I believe, of all the fashion posts in the whole world, this has the least number of photos! Haha. What so you think about my look? I hope you liked my half-baked outfit and half-baked photos. Hehe.


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