An Open Letter to UST and DLSU Supporters

I just browsed my Facebook News Feed and I regretted doing it. I saw posts of La Sallians and Thomasians fighting over the internet, bashing each other, comparing who’s better in whatever aspect they can think of committing logical fallacies such as ad hominem and name-calling. What is happening, people? What is wrong? UAAP is not there to create unhealthy rivalry between the universities. Why don’t we all just enjoy the game and respect both teams? Anyway, both teams reached the finals for a reason — they were both good, great. Doon pa lang, panalo na pareho eh. Hash tag DLSUST nga, di ba? Friendly fight. Let go of all the bitterness. Both teams have intense hunger for the trophy but I don’t think there is a need for online cat fights and bitch fits. Why not cheer na lang for our teams? Both teams need a solid support from their corresponding communities.

I am an alumna of the University of Santo Tomas. I should have typed, “proud” Thomasian alumna but in this situation, it’s quite embarrassing to claim that because I am definitely not proud hearing and reading below the belt comments coming from Thomasian mouths. UAAP fans, I know we are all excited on how this Saturday’s game will turn out but I don’t think it’s proper to exchange negative things before and even after the game. Let us all be better persons, better supporters. Oh, and please, cursing the other doesn’t make you the better person.

Praying for a clean and healthy competition on the 12th. My sincerest congratulations to whoever wins the game on Saturday.

1cbf1-imageDisclaimer: Edited a photo grabbed from the Internet. Original photo here.


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