Beauty Establishment Review: Dare to Bare

It has been ten gazillion years since my last review post! And the comeback post will be about a beauty establishment — waxing salon. My first review was about a waxing salon. Now, waxing salon again. Haha! I am no hair freak. It’s just that I don’t go to beauty establishments as often as other ladies do. The only establishments I visit are hair salon and waxing salon. I visit the hair salon once a year (Yay for low maintenance hair!) and the waxing salon around six to eight times a year depending on how fast my body hair grows. O eh so ano pang i-re-review ko? Edi waxing salon lang! Haha!


July this year, I went to Eton Centris to get my eyebrows done. When I got there, it rained so hard that I can’t go out the mall. The waxing salon to which I usually go is located at the Centris Walk. Centris Walk isn’t a covered walk;  I don’t want to get wet so I looked around Centris Mall and saw Dare to Bare Skin Center.


Disclaimer: I don’t own the photo above. I just grabbed it from Dare to Bare’s Facebook account.


They have a tarpaulin containing the list of their services posted on their glass wall. Desperate to have my eyebrows done and hoping that they have an eyebrow threading service, I browsed their menu.


IMG_8652Unfortunately, they don’t do threading! They do eyebrow waxing instead. Waxing, for me, is great. I wax my underarms and I get good results. But really, eyebrows? I’m so paranoid. What if the wax drops on the wrong place? Hello Mona Lisa face! Or the wax might be too hot for my facial skin! Burns! I was so hesitant to try it kaso sayang naman punta ko sa Centris if di ko mapapagawa eyebrows ko. So I ended up lying on one of their beds, having my eyebrows done.

When I went in, I told them na that was my first time to have my eyebrows waxed. I told them to please take good care of my eyebrows and be careful not to remove too much hair; I want clean, thick and youthful eyebrows. They said I should relax; I should not worry.



Their interior design is so minimalist. Every thing is pristine white. I wasn’t able to take pictures of their treatment room.  But as I have said, every thing is white — bed, linens, beside table, walls, etc. It gives you the impression that the place is clean. The one who did my eyebrows is practicing good hygiene. I saw her using alcohol on her hands before touching my face. She, too, put alcohol on the tweezers before she used it on my short and stubborn eyebrow hair. The waxing cloth she used was also new. All of the staff were friendly, polite and good at establishing rapport. The lady who waxed me was talking to me all the time. The little chat we had helped a lot in reducing my anxiety.

Now, ready to see my before and after pictures? Here we go:

PicMonkey Collage83

Before (top) | After (bottom)

Hindi na bushy yung eyebrows ko!! And hindi naubos! Haha! Total opposite of what I was thinking before waxing! Pardon the no make up face pero… Yay! Ang linis, na ng kilay ko!

PicMonkey Collage84

Before (left) | After (right)


My eyebrows with make-up! Say hi to my best friend, Che! Hihi. Hi, Che!

Dare to Bare is definitely a go-to place when you need someone to take care of your eyebrows!


  • Location: 4/5
  • Service: 5/5
  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Staff: 5/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Overall: 4.4/5


Dare to Bare is located at 2F Eton Centris Mall, Quezon Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines.


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