Dressing up!

I cannot believe that February is just a few nights away. No, I am not trying to talk about Valentine’s day; I will surely have a post dedicated for that one. What I’m trying to say is that… I have less than two months to prepare for the graduation ball and the Testimonial Dinner for scholars! I’m a girl so I need a lot of time to prepare! You know, girls cannot just wear anything. We always dress to impress. We want to make sure we’re always on our prettiest.
Our graduation ball’s theme is Oscars so I can dress up the way I want. I am not yet decided on what to wear but one thing’s sure: I won’t wear a long gown. I wouldn’t like to emphasize how vertically challenged I am. I won’t also go for something histrionic like wearing a loud color-block. As of now, I’m thinking of going neutral. I want a cream cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline. It must have gold glitters on it but not too much. I’ll be wearing heels but not too high. The event will last for four hours at least and I wouldn’t like to have a hard time walking on high heels and I don’t want to appear taller than my boyfriend on that special day. I’ll also be looking for a matching purse. I only have a red, a black, a pink and a teal purse so I have to buy a new one. An envelope purse could be a choice. I’m thinking of wearing a detachable collar too. And of course gold and cream accessories.
As for the testimonial dinner, our theme is also awards night. Coincidence. I’m thinking of wearing basics — a little black dress with gold accent. Paired with the right accessories, bag and shoes, I’m sure this look would be appropriate for the description “elegant”.
As you can see, I am falling in love with gold and glitters. Gold never goes out of style. It adds elegance to every look. I just hope I could find perfect accessories at reasonable prices.

That’s it for now. I’m very much excited! Looking forward to these events!


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